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Leviathan is a cruel dark world affected by the pandemic called Decade. A world ruled by five noble families under the suzerainty of the undead Plague King. Cyberpunk, dark fantasy, magic, alien technology and ancient beliefs are surprisingly interwoven in the Leviathan universe.

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Leviathan's Temple Symbol

The Temple of Leviathan New

The Temple of Leviathan is an ancient religion, which came to existence long before the fall of The Tower and the appearance of the Plague King. The Temple’s doctrine is a light that broke on the darkness of the universe and put it in order. Its appearance is inseparably interwoven with a history of language: few realize that many things were first mentioned in religious texts, and complex ideas of afterlife and chaos were first explained in religious treatises.

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Kortenix Portrait

Kortenix Stilfreys New

Kortenix Stilfreys is a sorcerer, former chancellor of the academy, uncle of Gustav and Nathan Stilfreys. One of his purposes in life is searching for people with potential, unnoticed by everyone except him.

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